Fidgeting has been scientifically proven to help people think, clear their minds and improve their problem solving skills.  But up until recently fidgeters have used items for fidgeting such as clicking pen tops or pencils tapping on a desk.  Now you can get specific fidgets such as spinners and switches that look like either toys or gadgets

Introducing FIDGET CLIX, not only are they beautiful and look good anywhere, but they allow a true fidget action to help focus the mind.

FIDGET CLIX are designed specifically to allow you to get the most out of fidgeting AND are aesthetically pleasing as well.

With a great amount of research into the world of fidgets, from ancient times to the present, the opinions of psychologists and psychiatrists, family and friends, combined with both Daniel and Zac’s inherent knowledge and experience of how things work, FIDGET CLIX were created.